Jose CastroMy first choice is "How to join the Perl Community" by José Castro aka cog. Cog gives informations about all online community tools., podcast... mailing-lists... Then I try to join the Onion room to hear Adrian Howard talk about Ruby in his presentation "Perl eye for the Ruby guy". Unfortunately, the Onion room is full and I can't listen to this talk. The talk slides are available so I take a look at them elsewhere. Ruby seems to be a very interesting tool, much the same as Perl was 10 years ago. I think I'll try this language in a short term.

We have 1 hour and a half to lunch. I join the group of french and we find a cheap restaurant next to the venue.

Dave CrossMy afternoon is dedicated to the talk "Advanced Databases for Beginners", by Dave Cross (see photo). As a database design expert Dave give some tips concerning database designs, some kind of "database best practices". For examples:

  • store metadata in database, because you can be sure it will eventually be shared among several applications.
  • prefer "my_table" than "MyTable" syntax because many DBMS are case insensitive.
  • use the same name for the key in every table, eg "id" (so you have, and
  • don't repeat the table name in the column names (track.track_id is not better than, it doesn't bring more information)
  • use parent table name as foreign key column name. "track.album" better than "track.album_id".
  • given the last advise, use singular for table names ("track" instead of "tracks")
  • strore data and time in the appropriate column type and as UTC. Localtime should just be a display matter.
  • when joining tables in a query, use "JOIN" statements and node hiden "WHERE" clause:
SELECT,                         --,                       --                        -- Bad
  FROM track,                            --
       album                             --
  WHERE = track.album           --
SELECT,                         --,                       --                        -- Good
  FROM track                             --
    JOIN album ON = track.album -- 

And many other things. See Dave's presentation for details. To summarize, I've found Dave's presentation very understandable. Dave speaks indeed slowly and he's loud enough.

Birmingham by nightThe evening I walked in Birmingham to find a shop where I could find an electric plug adapter. I didn't find it but I've walked for at least one hour and a half. At night, I had the feeling that Birmingham city center was mainly collection of recent commercial centers, made of steel and glass.

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